The most recent addition to our farm has been raising sheep. Having raised goats in the past, we were ready to take on sheep, but they are certainly different than the rabbits and chickens we have raised for so long.

Our sheep and lambs are housed in an open barn that provides shelter from the weather and safety from any predators, and they are free to roam around our pasture land. When they come inside the shelter, there is plenty of clean straw bedding to lie down and keep clean and dry. There are water troughs inside to allow ample fresh water when they are thirsty.They eat our own grass and hay, and also get a specific amount of grain. The feed has no growth hormones, antibiotics, or medications to ensure naturally paced growth in our animals. With unlimited amounts of fresh air and sunshine, they are calm and content.

The sheep are bred at different times to provide us with lambs throughout the year. Lambing is a busy time, making sure that all the ewes are good mothers and care for their young. New lambs are cared for by their mothers at the beginning, until the time comes for them to be weaned. At that time they are separated from their mothers and given free choice of grain, hay, and grass.

When lambs reach 100-120 lbs, they are ready to be shipped. We sell sheep live, or we can have them butchered locally, to be sold in whole or half lambs. The butcher cuts and wraps the meat according to our specifications, ready for freezing.

We have some great lamb recipes that you can try. To place an order, please contact us directly.

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