At J & M Farms, we raise New Zealand White rabbits. Our rabbits are housed all year round in a barn specifically designed for them, so that we can maintain a regular and comfortable environment for them at all times. They receive plenty of fresh air with several open doors in warmer weather, as well as the many fans that we can turn on as needed. One half of the barn holds the breeding stock and young rabbits, and the other half houses the fryers once they are of weaning age.

Our rabbits are fed a non-medicated pellet ration that Jim has perfected to meet their nutritional needs, which includes grains, alfalfa, minerals, and vitamins. Each pen has its own feeder so the rabbits can eat at their leisure throughout the day. They also have a gravity flow watering nipple to access fresh water whenever they like.

There is no automation in our barns, and Jim works all day maintaining a precise and meticulous schedule, ensuring all the rabbits receive hands-on daily care. They are fed and checked twice per day, and each day is filled with tasks such as breeding, pregnancy checking, cage cleaning, weaning, and taking out manure. On kindling days, the does are watched carefully to ensure that they care for their kits, and that the doe is content and healthy to mother them. Kits are weaned at about 4-5 weeks and continue to grow in the fryer barn until shipping day.

Because a rabbit is a mammal, the cost to raise a rabbit is more than other animals, such as chickens. This is because the mother raises her young, and you feed both the mother and the kits until they are ready for slaughter. Chickens, on the other hand, can be raised without the mother's involvement, and a chicken can continue to lay another egg each day.

On shipping day, we take the rabbits to a facility where they are processed with a provincial inspector present. They are butchered humanely, and we take great care in delivering the best product we can. After the rabbits are cooled, we kryo-vac them to protect the rabbit while in the freezer. Rabbits are a healthy choice and enjoyed by many!

Raising Rabbits

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Rabbit for Your Pet

Rabbit for Your Table

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We also sell live or frozen rabbits for animals of all types. From reptiles and raptors to tigers at the zoo, or your dog at home, rabbit meat is nutritional for them as well.

Many different sizes are available. Please contact us for details or to place an order.

Rabbit is a very nutritious, all-white meat, similar in taste and consistency to chicken meat. It is actually a better choice than chicken or turkey, with more protein per serving, and less fat, calories, and cholesterol. Rabbit meat is also recommended for individuals with dietary restrictions, such as heart disease patients, the elderly, low sodium diets, and weight reduction diets.

We sell a range of rabbit meat products - whole or cut up, fresh or frozen, all government inspected, ready to cook with. We can accommodate smaller orders for individuals, as well as larger orders for restaurants.

Not sure what to cook with rabbit? Check out our recipes page here for some ideas!

If you're ready to give it a try, contact us to place an order.