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The results are phenomenal. We used Bunny Gold on this apple tree - just look at the abundance of blossoms, and then apples on this tree!

Bunny Gold is available in 30L bags, directly from our farm or through participating local greenhouses, or also by the truckload. Please contact us to place an order.

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Rabbit manure compost used as a plant fertilizer is better quality to other manure due its unique composition. Often referred to as "super fertilizer", gardeners revel in the fast and abundant growth of their crops, plants, gardens, and produce. It will not burn plants when applied directly. Rabbit manure is popular and ranks among the finest of all manure to use for composting. Learn more about how Bunny Gold is made by watching this video.

When life gives you rabbit manure...

                      make Bunny Gold!

Bunny Gold

Rabbit Manure Compost