Our grass fed chicken is second to none. They are grown naturally with no growth hormones, medicated feeds, or antibiotics. They grow at their own pace, and are fed a chicken grower feed, supplemented by grazing on grass pasture. Fresh water is available all day and they benefit from the warm sunny days.

Chickens are butchered at a local colony, where they are provincially inspected and properly wrapped for freezing. Please contact us to confirm if we have chicken available.


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Our chickens are allowed to roam freely around the farm, and their eggs show the benefits! Besides eating a prepared feed, the chickens are able to supplement their diet grazing on grass and other plants, resulting in a nice dark yolk.

Free range eggs have many health benefits over commercially produced eggs:
- 1/3 less cholesterol
- 1/4 less saturated fat
- twice the Omega 3
- three times the Vitamin E
- seven times the Beta-Carotene

Our eggs are professionally graded and packed, ready for your table!

Eggs are available in multiple sizes, and delivery can be arranged.
To place an order, please contact us.

Farm Fresh Free-Range Eggs