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Chefs, producers urge us to give rabbit a whirl....

Are rabbits too cute to eat? 

The Slow Food Movement

The opposite of fast food, Slow Food is a movement that recognizes the importance of pleasure, our food's production, and how fair trade is connected to the food we eat. 
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Bunny Gold

When it comes to manure, rabbits are pure gold.
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Raising Rabbits Takes a Knack

Caring for these animals keeps farm couple constantly on the go.
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Bunny Gold

TV segment by Farm TV about Bunny Gold

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Farm Fresh

TV segment about raising rabbits at J & M Farms
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Easter is coming up!

Lamb is the perfect meal for your Easter dinner celebrations - call us today to place your order. Different package sizes available with a popular variety of cuts in each package.

Eggs, eggs, eggs!

We currently have the following eggs available:

Jumbo (mostly double yolks!)


Small - great for pickled eggs

Ready to order? Give us a call!

Lamb bones

A great way to start a soup or stew, or a nice treat for your dog! Ask us for more information.

Looking for a puppy?

Sorry, no puppies available right now - check back soon!