Goats for sale

We have male and female goat kids that are approximately 6 months old available for sale - contact us if you are interested!

Compost available

We have bulk and bagged compost just in time for gardening season - call us today to claim yours!

Now Available...

Premium quality bagged or bulk dog food available at $1.50/kg. The condition of our dogs has been great on this food - once you try it, you'll want more! Contact us to place an order.

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The Slow Food Movement

The opposite of fast food, Slow Food is a movement that recognizes the importance of pleasure, our food's production, and how fair trade is connected to the food we eat. 
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J & M Farms in the Media




What's New

Bunny Gold

TV segment by Farm TV about Bunny Gold

Watch here

Chefs, producers urge us to give rabbit a whirl....

Are rabbits too cute to eat? 


Looking for a puppy?

Have you been waiting for a Schnorkie puppy? We have some that were just born. Contact us today if you are interested!

Eggs, eggs, eggs!

We have just the right size for you! Now available - medium, large, x-large, and our famous jumbo (mostly double yolks!).

Ready to order? Give us a call!

Closing down our rabbit operation

We have recently closed down our rabbit operation, and will update our website shortly. A huge thank you to all our customers over the years!

Raising Rabbits Takes a Knack

Caring for these animals keeps farm couple constantly on the go.
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Bunny Gold

When it comes to manure, rabbits are pure gold.
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Farm Fresh

TV segment about raising rabbits at J & M Farms
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Want to try something different?

Ground lamb now available, naturally raised with no antibiotics, vaccinations, or growth hormones! Sold by the lb. We also have half or whole lamb available, cut, wrapped, and frozen.

Also available: pigs ready for butcher.

Ask us for more information.